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Adfo Publisher - Local advertising, innovated.

1. Take a pic or upload an image.

1. Take a picture Find out more (+)
  • Make use of pictures! They are the simplest and best way of informing people about what you do and your products, services and events.
  • Focus on what you want to promote! Choose a pic of what you're selling or the services you're providing. That's what customers want to see!
  • Take a photo directly from your phone or upload it from a computer. The better quality the bigger the impact!

2. Add some info to make it an Adfo!

2. Adfo info to your Adfo Find out more (+)
  • Include the info that 'sells' your product, service or event as well as the details people want to know!
  • You're in control! You know your customers, so provide the info you know they need.
  • Be brief, be honest and be obvious!

3. Publish your Adfo and share it on your social networks.

2. Publish and Share Find out more (+)
  • It's published on Adfo Hub automatically. All you need to do is choose where you want to share it!
  • Sharing on your social networks is simple and quick, just hit the button for the platforms you use!
  • The image, title and description are included in the post or tweet so the relevant info is shown to your target customer instantly!

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